Easy ASVAL Treatment in Long Island

ASVAL treatment for varicose vein removal Dr. Gallagher has developed a unique technique that can only be found at Island Vein Specialists. This cutting edge method gently, quickly, painlessly and effectively treats your spider veins and varicose veins. This technique is based on the ASVAL method developed by Dr. Paul Pittaluga and Dr. Sylvain Chastenet of the Riviera Veine Institut in Nice, France.

Dr. Gallagher is the first vein surgeon to perform this procedure in the United States. This unique procedure utilizes acupuncture needles to streamline the process of varicose vein removal. The ASVAL technique is virtually scar free and enables Dr. Gallagher to treat even the smallest of veins while reducing the possibility of staining often associated with sclerotherapy.

There is no down time, and the procedure can be done in the comfort of our vein clinic. You can return to normal activities the very next day and in most cases the procedure is covered by insurance companies.

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