An Apple a Day Keeps the Varicose Veins Away

An Apple a Day Keeps the Varicose Veins Away

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but can it help keep varicose veins away too? This Saturday, September 20th, is International Eat an Apple Day, so we took a moment to dive into the health benefits associated with apples and see what they can do for your veins.

What are some of the majorhealth benefits we found? For one, apples allow you to control your weight and attain greater weight loss. That’s because this fiber filled food can fill you up for just a few calories.

With obesity as onefactor that could increase your risk for varicose veins, why not bite into an apple this weekend? And everyday after! Maintaining a healthy weight reduces your risk for varicose veins and has so many other important health benefits past that.

Other great benefits attained by eating apples include whiter teeth, reduced cholesterol, a stronger immune system andmore.

Will you be adding apples to your everyday diet this weekend? Let us know on ourFacebook page. Visit ourwebsite for more information on varicose veins and treatment options.