Tips For Happy and Health Legs!

Tips For Happy and Health Legs!

Personal development can be found through a number of facets – health, wealth and happiness, to name a few. Since September is Self Improvement Month, many are dedicating their time to personal growth and positive change.

Looking for a good place to start? You guessed it – your legs. Your legs get you everywhere and help you lead the life you love. Make a conscious effort this month and always to love them back! Get tips for showing your legs a little TLC below:

Vitamins: Calcium and Vitamin D! Strong bones make for happy legs.

Exercise: All it takes is a 30 minute walk each day. Doing so helps to build and maintain bone and muscle strength.

Healthy Diet: Since obesity is usually a risk factor for various vein conditions, maintaining a healthy weight is good for your legs.

Good Shoes: High heels may be a girls best friend but your legs don’t think so. Tight shoes and heels over 2 inches should not be worn daily.

Circulation: Keeping your legs crossed or sitting in one place all day inhibit blood flow. Uncross and take a lap! Your legs will be glad you did.

Shower: Lengthy exposure to heat will cause your blood vessels to dilate. Baths may be relaxing but they aren’t your best bet.