Beat The “Winter Itch” with Leg Care

Beat The “Winter Itch” with Leg Care

varicose leg careBeginning to scratch a little extra or a bit harder at your legs? With cooler temperatures come that itchy skin, especially if we’re picking up on habits that tend to irritate it.

To sooth your legs through this potentially long and bitter winter, turn to these quicktips below:

Keep showers short: Showers wash away at a lot of natural oils that moisturize your skin. The longer you stand in a hot shower, the dryer your skin is going to be.

Use “sensitive skin” soap: If you have sensitive skin or not, regular soaps tend to dry out skin since their pH balance is typically bad. Try something like Dove, which is nice and moisturized.

Shave gently: Replace razors regularly and avoid using dull blades. The skin on your legs is especially thin so you want to avoid being rough with it.

Pat dry: It’s natural to want to rub the towel along your legs until you’re dry but you can actually be irritating your skin cells. Whenever possible, air dry, or nicely pat with the softest towel you can find.

Moisturize: Not just any moisturizer, but the right moisturizer will replace natural oils removed by bathing. Lanolin-based creams and oils are best for deeply hydrating the skin.

Drink fluids: Hydration is key in keeping skin smooth from the inside out. Shoot for eight glasses of water a day as a way to avoid dehydration and dryer skin.

Protect with clothing: Winter air is much dryer than summer air, causing it to extract all moisture from your skin. Especially when outside for longer periods of time, consider adding a thin layer below your pants, as denim is especially bad at protecting your skin from the cold weather.

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