Reasons to Be Proactive with Your Blood Tests

Reasons to Be Proactive with Your Blood Tests


We get it. The needles, the band-aids the blood – it’s not that fun for everyone. There are, however, somevery good reasons that you should have your blood drawn regularly – even if you feel healthy, and even if you don’t enjoy it.

Complete picture. Knowledge is power and the more of it you have the better! In order to accurately asses where you are with your health, you can’t just go by the way you look and feel. Bringing in the measurements of blood work gives you a wider view of things.

Preventative approach. Really – why wait? Why wait until you feel pain, fatigue, weight gain or any other inconvenient symptoms? It’s much more effective to realize you have a problem and treat it ahead of time than to go in already experiencing problems and work to try and combat them.

Delicate balance. All of the hormones, vitamins and minerals in your body make up a very delicate balance. Reversing any deficiencies and maintaining all optimal levels are key for an overall well-being.

One size does NOT fit all. Your health is not a clothing item. The levels in everyone’s body are slightly different and should ultimately be treated that way. Assuming a recommended diet or nutrition guideline is doing for you what it is doing for others is not always safe. You need individual guidance and to select a unique approach to your health.

Tracking progress. Would you launch a business, yet never test it for weak spots? If you want to keep your body in an active and healthy condition, it’s probably best to know if anything has gone wrong along the way. Plus, creating regular checkpoints allows you to compare problems you’ve had in the past with how you’re doing today.