How Gladiator Sandals Can Damage Your Legs

How Gladiator Sandals Can Damage Your Legs – Testimonial

While we love the effortless style of our gladiator sandals, we should understand the effects they can have on our body. Putting them on can be exciting, but taking them off can be painful. Here’s what you need to know about how gladiator sandals can damage your legs:

gladiator sandlals effect on varicose veins

They leave marks. Ever notice the indentations on your feet when you take off your gladiator sandals? This is the number one indicator that shows just how damaging they can be. While these impressions aren’t pretty to look at, they do typically disappear on their own. However, when worn regularly, strappy shoes have the potential to leave permanent marks.

They cut off circulation. These super-tight sandals not only leave marks on your feet, but they also cut off your blood flow. As your feet swell during the hot summer days, you will probably notice that they become tighter, which ultimately puts restriction on your feet and your ankles. The major concern here is that the more snug your shoes become, the slower your blood moves from your feet all the way back to your heart.

They can cause spider veins. When you lose circulation in your feet, ankles, and legs, you can be looking at an increased risk of conditions, such as spider veins. Spider veins are small, visible blood vessels in your legs, caused by poor circulation (or permanent marks from your sandals).

Avoiding gladiator sandals is just one way you can protect yourself from vein conditions. For more tips on how to prevent spider veins and other leg damage, call the experts at Island Vein Specialists. Dr. John F. Gallagher offers vein treatment procedures to patients across Long Island, parts of Queens, and other regions. Contact Island Vein Specialists today toschedule your consultation.