How Swimming Benefits Varicose Veins

How Swimming Benefits Varicose Veins

Summer weather has finally arrived, which means we can’t wait to go for a dip in the cool water! Splashing in a refreshing swimming pool is not only a great way to cool off this summer – it’s also incredibly beneficial if you’re someone who struggles with leg pain from varicose veins.

Are you wondering how swimming can help relieve the aches caused by these enlarged veins? As your vein specialist on Long Island, we’d like to help you understand howgoing for a swim this summer can be good for your vein health:

how swimming benefits varicose veins & spider veins

What are the benefits? So how does swimming benefit varicose veins? Because there’s less gravity in a swimming pool, there isn’t as much pressure weighing down on your legs, which is great for increasing your blood circulation! In addition to the lack of gravity, swimming engages so many muscles in your body that it improves your blood flow overall.

What if I’m a beginner?
You don’t need to be an Olympic swimmer to feel the health benefits of swimming. If you’ve never taken up lessons or don’t feel 100 percent comfortable swimming laps, don’t worry – there are plenty of swimming exercises you can try! Here is a great water exercise you can do: kick your legs in a “scissor motion” while you move your arms back and forth. This will engage all the muscles necessary for good circulation. Looking for a more relaxing exercise? Holding onto the side of the pool and practicing leg lifts is an alternate way to get the blood pumping back to your heart, which is your goal!

For more tips on how exercise can relieve the aches and pains that come with varicose veins, call the experts at Island Vein Specialists. Dr. John F. Gallagher offers vein treatment procedures to patients across Long Island, parts of Queens, and other regions. Contact Island Vein Specialists today toschedule your consultation.