How Alcohol Can Affect Your Health

How Alcohol Can Affect Your Health

Many of us enjoy an occasional glass of wine at dinner. However, if you consume large amounts of alcohol over the course of several years, you can be harming your body in ways you might not be able to imagine. So, as your vein health specialists, we’ve put together the following list of ways alcohol may beaffecting your health:

Brain. Did you know that alcohol can destroy brain cells? The reason behind this is that brain cells do not regenerate, so once they are damaged, the body cannot produce new ones. Prolonged drinking can also causes memory loss problems, like amnesia and dementia. And while putting a stop to drinking might reverse the affects, it does take a while for the body to recover to normal function.

Cancer. Alcohol and cancer are very much connected. In fact, drinking lots of alcohol over a long period of time can increase your risk of cancer in the liver, breast, rectum, pancreas, as well as the pharynx. However, possibly the most closely associated cancers are those in the mouth, esophagus, and larynx.

Joins and muscles. Weakened joints is another effect of drinking excessively. Abusing alcohol triggers osteoporosis and certain types of arthritis. It can also lead to muscle atrophy, which can cause lots of pain and weakness in the body.

Blood. Too much alcohol is known to cause blood conditions, such as blood clotting and anemia. In addition, it can damage white blood cell function, which can heighten your risk of possible infections. And what’s worse is that liver cirrhosis, caused by excessive drinking, can also cause painful varicose veins.