5 Nutrients That Are Necessary for Healthy Veins

5 Nutrients That Are Necessary for Healthy Veins

The best way to keep your veins healthy and strong is by eating well. A healthy diet will keep your weight down, reducing pressure and strain on the veins that can cause venous conditions to occur. As you’re planning out your meals each week, know that there are certainnutrients that can be very helpful to your vascular health as well.


Here are 5 of the most essential nutrients for keeping your veins healthy and strong:

1. Fiber works wonders to keep your digestive system working well, but it also helps to keep cholesterol down, protecting your circulatory system. Having a high fiber diet helps prevent unhealthy fats from being absorbed into your body, reducing the risk of clogged veins and arteries.

2. Bioflavonoids are found in fruits and vegetables like leafy greens, dark berries, garlic and onions, and are responsible for their vibrant colors. These nutrients help to strengthen the walls and valves of your veins which can reduce pooling and blood leakage. Some bioflavonoids, like those found in cranberries and blueberries, can also help relieve swelling, aching and pain from varicose veins.

3. Vitamin C helps keep vein walls and arteries flexible by boosting collagen and elastin production. This means your veins will be more equipped to handle the pressure of blood flow without bursting, swelling or causing backflow due to damage valves. Experts recommend taking 500-1,000 milligrams of vitamin C three times a day to promote artery and vein health.

4. Vitamin E can help keep your blood from clotting and adhering to the vein and artery walls. This ensures that your veins will remain clear and open for blood to flow through freely.

5. Vitamin B3, or Niacin, is known for its ability to control and lower high blood pressure. Like fiber, Vitamin B3 keeps blood flowing well by reducing the potential for fatty plaques to clog veins and arteries. It has also been known to prevent atherosclerosis, stiffening of the artery walls.

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How to Workout Safely With Varicose Veins

How to Workout Safely With Varicose Veins

Having varicose veins on your legs can make simple tasks like, walking, sitting and even exercising extremely difficult. However, whether you’re trying to prevent varicose veins from forming or are attempting to manage those that have already developed, staying active and following a regular workout plan is key!

To help make exercising with varicose veins more comfortable and safe, here are a fewtipsto keep in mind:

Wear compression stockings. Compression stockings encompass your legs, squeezing them in order to keep your blood from pooling in the veins that can cause varicose veins to form over time.

Don’t forget to stretch. Giving your muscles a good stretch before any sort of workout will help your blood flow more freely. Stretching increases your heart rate which allows your blood to become more oxygenated as it flows through your veins.

Start out with cardio. Walking is the best exercise you can do when it comes to your vascular health, and it also doubles as a pretty great warm up! Walking briskly for 10-20 minutes can help reduce the chance of swelling in the veins as you move ahead in your workout.

Keep your body inverted. Instead of exercising or lifting on your feet, try using exercise equipment that allows you to position your legs up above chest level. Exercises like the seated leg press, quad or hamstring machines all help to keep your legs elevated and reduce pressure on your veins.

Avoid heavy lifting. While moderately heavy weights may be doable depending on your strength and the severity of your varicose veins, heavy lifting is a big no-no. Lifting beyond your body’s capability can collapse your muscles and put excess strain on your vascular system.

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