Is Vein Treatment Covered By Insurance?

Is Vein Treatment Covered By Insurance?

For any medical procedure, the first thing a patient will want to know is if the surgery or treatment will be covered by their insurance provider — and rightfully so! However, when it comes to vascular surgery, the answer is not always so clear cut. Most times insurance will help cover your treatment, but there are a few exceptions where they will not.

What are the determining factors for insurance coverage?
Generally speaking, insurance companies will agree to help pay for procedures that are deemed as “medically necessary.” This means that a procedure has been recommended to treat and alleviate painful and potentially threatening symptoms.

Which procedures are usually covered?
While it varies from provider to provider, all procedures for treating varicose veins will usually be covered. This is because varicose veins can cause painful swelling and cramping, and can also be dangerous for your entire cardiovascular system if not corrected. Spider veins on the other hand are typically deemed as a cosmetic issue. That means that while many people desire to remove them, it isn’t necessary to maintain their overall well-being, and is therefore not traditionally covered by insurance.

Do I have any other options if insurance doesn’t cover my treatment?
Yes! Here atIsland Vein Specialists we offer up to 100% financing throughCare Credit for qualified patients. We believe that it’s important to provide our patients with an affordable way to pay for the treatments they want and need, regardless of what they are.

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