Lower Your Blood Pressure, Naturally!

Lower Your Blood Pressure, Naturally!

When it comes to varicose and spider veins, the number one culprit of both conditions ishigh blood pressure. If your blood pressure is through the roof, the excessive force that is consequently exerted on your veins can cause them to rupture or burst. That’s why keeping it low is so important for your cardiovascular health.

Put the phone down. That’s right! Simply cutting yourself off from the digitally connected world has been proven to help reduce blood pressure. In fact, consider removing any work email notifications from your phone all-together. You’d be surprised how much more relaxed you’ll feel. At the very least, be sure to give yourself a few hours each day cell phone free.

Eat your veggies. While a chicken sandwich or juicy steak might sound tempting, sticking to vegetarian fare can actually help keep your blood pressure down. Keep veggies and leafy greens in your regular diet to boost pressure-dropping potassium and keep sodium intake at bay.

Take a break. Set aside some “me-time” to meditate and relax each day. Whether you attend a regular yoga class, wind down with your favorite book or simply relax on the couch, 45 minutes of pure relaxation can go along way to reduce blood pressure.

Catch some rays. Getting your daily dose of vitamin D is important for keeping blood pressure nice and low. But, while there are certainly plenty of supplements you can take, there’s nothing better than some good old fashioned sun to deliver those blood-pressure lowering benefits. In fact, a recent study concluded that just 20 minutes of UV exposure can have a significant impact on your blood vessels.

If you’ve already developed unsightly or painful venous conditions, there’s hope for you atIsland Vein Specialists. Not only will Dr. Gallagher and his staff take the time to personalize your treatment plan, but they will help you develop a strategy for avoiding varicose and spider veins in the future.