The Best Compression Stockings For Pregnancy

The Best Compression Stockings For Pregnancy

Pregnant women have a higher risk of developing varicose veins than those who are not pregnant, due to increased blood pressure in their veins. Research has concluded that the surge in blood pressure during pregnancy is caused by a change in hormones and an increase in thicker, heavier, nutrient rich blood.

While many women have seen their varicose veins fade away after pregnancy with little treatment required, the nine months spent sporting them can be rather embarrassing and uncomfortable. That’s wherecompression stockings come into play.

Mediven Sheer – This brand offers a super sheer look with extreme flexibility. That way you’ll be able to keep your varicose veins in check while still remaining comfortable.

Ultrasheer Maternity – If the Mediven Sheer tights weren’t sheer enough, these will certainly do the trick! These compression stockings are the sheerest option available.

Solidea Wonder Tights – If you’re looking for a more fashion forward statement, these stockings are it. They come in three color options and are very supportive.

Preggers Footless Lightweight Tights – Whether you’re trying to dig your toes into the sand, or are just not comfortable with full coverage tights, this footless option is perfect for you. As a bonus, they come in a variety of fun color options as well!

Mild Compression Sheer Tights – Don’t suffer discomfort during pregnancy by stuffing your belly into too-tight tights. This option comes equipt with an expandable tummy pouch to accommodate for a growing baby belly.

If you’re pregnant or know someone that is, we highly recommend purchasing a sturdy pair of compression stockings today. And remember, if your veins are still suffering the lingering effects of varicose veins post-pregnancy, Dr. John Gallagher is here to help.

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