Which Compression Stockings Are Right For You?

Which Compression Stockings Are Right For You?


Besides eating healthy and exercising,compression stockings are your first line of defense against varicose and spider veins. If you feel that purchasing a pair would benefit you, read on to find out how to make your selection.

Mild Support
If your occupation limits your daily mobility, mild support is perfect for relieving tired and achy leg pain, and preventing leg fatigue from long periods of standing or sitting. It’s also effective in minimizing minor swelling in the feet, ankles and legs, and can help prevent varicose and spider vein formation during pregnancy. Overall, this support level will help keep your legs healthy and energized.

Medium Support
Have you already developed minor varicose and spider veins? Medium support stockings can help provide relief from pain. They can also help prevent more varicose and spider veins from forming, especially during pregnancy. Just like mild, medium support stockings reduce fatigue, swelling and aching, but on a larger scale. They’re often used post-sclerotherapy, and are the ideal choice to prevent DVT, especially when traveling.

Firm Compression
If you’re experiencing extreme pain from varicose veins, especially during pregnancy, firm compression is your best option. These are used post-sclerotherapy, and post-surgical vein treatment as well. They help treat edema, and help manage leg ulcers and DVT. In addition, firm compression can help manage orthostatic hypotension — a condition where blood pressure drops significantly upon standing.

Still not sure which compression stocking is right for your needs? VisitIsland Vein Specialists and have Dr. Gallagher help you decide.