3 Simple Steps For Luscious Legs

3 Simple Steps For Luscious Legs

There’s something to be said about a gorgeous set of stems, and we’re not just talking about the beautiful blooms of summer. It’s fair to say that having smooth, luscious legs for summer is a personal goal for most, and we’re here to tell you how you can achieve it.

Step 1: Shave ‘Em Soft – For most women, shaving their legs is a fact of life. While it may not be the most exciting part of your beauty routine, shaving correctly can actually help soften your skin instead of just fixing the fuzz. Try to shave first thing in the morning, and make sure you’re always using shaving cream and a good quality razor — and don’t forget to moisturize! If you really want to go above and beyond, consider laser hair removal and do away with shaving all together.

Step 2: Smooth Away Cellulite – Just like leg hair, developing cellulite is inevitable. Fortunately enough, there are a few ways to fight it. The first is by using a cellulite minimizing serum with theophylline or caffeine. You can also camouflage any lasting dimples with a tinted leg spray or concealer. For long-lasting results, consider speaking to your local aesthetic center about a cellulite removal procedure — like Cellfina, offered by our sister office,Island Plastic Surgery.

Step 3: Sayonara Spider Veins – Finally, it’s time to let go of those pesky spider veins once and for all. Sure, you can camouflage them with concealer and stockings, but why hide when you have the opportunity to eliminate! Sclerotherapy is the number one solution for eliminating spider veins, quickly, effectively and most importantly, painlessly. Best of all, there’s absolutely no down time post-procedure.

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