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Dr. John Gallagher performed surgery to remove varicose veins from my left leg. The procedure was absolutely painless, recuperation was quick and my leg now feels and looks wonderful.

Karen D.

I asked myself, why did I wait so long to improve my quality of life? Not only did Dr. Gallagher remove ugly varicose veins, but he removed the daily pain from my life as I am on my feet all day. Both Dr. Gallagher and Kim treated me with the utmost respect and care. I can't wait to have the procedure on the other leg done.

Lisa G.

What a great experience! Very easy and painless!

Staci C.

Having lived with disfiguring varicose veins for many years, I was fortunate in locating Dr. John Gallagher, a board certified expert in this field. Dr. Gallagher uses the latest techniques in vein surgery. As a result, there is no scarring and no pain! With a minimum of downtime I was free of my leg problems. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, Dr. Gallagher is an extremely talented, caring and attentive physician. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of this procedure.

R. Pesci

In the past few years, I have had two varicose vein surgeries with Dr Gallagher. I am very pleased with the results and follow up care. In each case, I had little discomfort and little downtime. Dr Gallagher is an excellent vascular surgeon with many years experience. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of varicose vein surgery.

K. Murnane

I just wanted to thank you Dr.Gallagher and Staff, I was very reluctant to have surgery for my varicose veins, but then I came to the Island Vein Specialists and you all made it so easy for me! The care that was given to me from start to finish made this a very good experience. What a difference your non-surgical minimally invasive and painless procedure made of my life! I was able to be back at my job the very next day! Pain free!!! I can't thank you enough for the care you gave me I would recommend you to anyone that has varicose vein issues.


Dr. Gallagher instills confidence and trust minute you meet him. You are in the best hands with him and his wonderful staff (who are very patient, caring and willing to answer any questions). It is obvious that everyone here is committed to the patients having a positive experience. I am a woman who cares about my health and appearance and I feel very fortunate have found Island Vein Specialists.


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